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Alternatively, use Command-Option-Esc shortcut. Check if you closed all Microsoft Office for Mac applications. Library is a hidden Mac OS X folder. To display it, press down the Option key while clicking the Go menu. After that, relaunch the application to see if the problem is solved. Once your computer boots up, launch Excel to see if the problem persists.

To exit safe mode, restart your Mac as usual. Try removing and then installing Microsoft Office from zero. Follow the link to learn how to install and uninstall Office for Mac.

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This option will work for earlier Mac OS X versions. The Disk Utility app repairs Apple-installed software located in the Applications folder only. To verify the Outlook identity, go to the Office Identities folder. Relocate the folder to the desktop or another folder to automatically create a new database.

Sometimes the crashing problem may stem from damaged Outlook preference files. Similar to the above method, you need to move the preference files to the desktop:. Library is a hidden folder, press down the Option key while clicking the Go menu. If the problem stopped, one of the files is causing it. I have an idea as to why these documents that were lost at the moment you tried to save them are unrecoverable. It was never autosaved to begin with, so there is no autosaved version to retrieve. I am sorry my friend, but that document is gone. But unless you could afford Corel WordPerfect, which was horrifically expensive in those days, most businesses were stuck with Microsoft.

Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Word for Windows

This is the problem scenario: As long as I name my file first, before I do any work in the body of the document, I will never lose the beginnings of an entire project even if the program crashes, as it does periodically. This is a problem with the software, and it needs to be addressed.

You can always change the working name of your document later , but once it has an official name and a place in your file directory, a temporary file will be saved should it crash again and all you will lose is what you did in the two minutes prior to the crash, assuming autosave worked at all.

Save manually and save regularly, because you never know when autosave will fail. Here we are, back to the mid s, when the dreaded Blue Screen of Death owned you. Some people use Open Office, or Google Documents quite successfully. They are free to the user and are ideal for some people. Google Docs even saves as you go, which is a really nice function.

I need a program with all the features of Microsoft Office All I ask is that it work reliably, the way Office did. I have used earlier versions in various work environments and absolutely loved the the program and what it offered. Switching to Corel products is a real option for me now, as in recent years they have become competitively priced. Documents can be saved in.

Issues affecting Word for Mac features and add-ins

It may be time to reconsider my loyalties. Jay Community Moderator Dropbox https: Did this post help you? If so please give it a Like below.

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why Word crashes when you try to save your document | Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Problem still persists sorry. All file operations work fine. Word and Excel both crash when navigating to Dropbox folders and sub-folders in the Save dialog.

Excel Keeps Crashing on Mac

If I make a change and press Save, they save fine. Pressing Save does not open a Save location dialog. If I press 'Save As.. I hope that's some help. My Dropbox folder at the moment is on my desktop, which became an iCloud folder when I activated iCloud optimised storage a few months ago.

I did wonder if that would cause issues, but it has been working fine the last few months. I'm having this problem as well - deleted and reinstalled dropbox, disabled Badge. But it's still crashing every time I try to save a new office document into Dropbox. I also have an app called Mail Butler, and when I try to save that into Dropbox, it also crashes. Sanchez Moderator Dropbox https: If so please mark it for some Kudos below.

Moving my Dropbox folder back to default location

I have now solved the issue. It was because the Dropbox folder was not in the default location.

How to Handle a Mac Freeze

If the Dropbox folder is in a folder that is being kept in iCloud, sometime it works, sometimes it fails, sometimes it apparently works, but strange things fail, e. The state of play can change with any OS update. If your Dropbox configuration fits the scenario described in the previous section, we will ask you to move your Dropbox folder back to the default location. Post your question or search for an answer below. Learn more about using the Community by reading our Community Guidelines.

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