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The reason may be best explained by U. Many women were arrested and tortured. The women seemed to have no recourse Borton , 72— They spread rumors through the Market Mouth—women hunkering behind their wares, buying and selling, bartering and chatting, and sending and receiving undercover messages—that armed men returning from the North were preparing to strike. The rumors were pure invention. The women, who had no weapons, carved bamboo stems to look like guns. They tied up their hair so they would resemble men. At twilight on January 2, , the women encircled a U. They set off firecrackers, which exploded like gunfire as the women darted this way and that, imitating soldiers attacking, their palm-stem guns silhouetted in the smoke-filled dusk.

Already frightened by the false rumors that had spread through the markets, the ARVN soldiers fled, tossing aside their weapons. Using lightning strikes, Mme. News of their ruse spread by the Market Mouth. She had a startling, almost spiritual beauty, with her pure white hair, unlined face, and quiet presence. None of the women had told their stories, perhaps because they shared versions of the same narrative.

Cô giáo bắt học sinh quỳ: “Tôi bất lực, dù biết là sai”

During a break for tea and dragon fruit, the other women told their stories, too, all of them conveying the same theme: from activism to arrest-torture-education in prison to release, then return to activism… Borton , — These women played many roles, drawing on many sources, but for all of them Confucianism, with its precepts establishing a subservient role for women, had permeated Vietnamese culture while they were growing up. They had learned to be present but seemingly innocuous, unaware, silly if they were younger or dim-witted if older.

They were experts at acting and at being ignored. This made them perfect spies. No one person is the perfect spy.

The list goes on. But women were crucial, because the foreign officers and troops ignored Vietnamese women, dismissing them as only servants or prostitutes. See Illus. Peasant women were so poor that they usually owned only one set of black pajamas.

Vietnamese Women in War and Peace

The women spies and messengers shared a white blouse. Other women served as hubs in the Market Mouth, hiding maps in packages of cigarettes and inside pineapples Borton , 28— Peasant women who worked as hired help on U. They did the laundry and cleaning and chatted up the American troops. They noticed the color-coded alert signs and any changes in inventory. When the women returned home, they reported any re-supply of arms, additions of personnel, any maps the American officers had pulled out for examination, and unusual visitors.

Still other women, using femininity to their advantage, tossed their long, lustrous hair, tilted their heads, and touched their index fingers to their cheeks in enticing gestures as they flirted with foreign military officers. After the war, Dr. Years later, she was one of the plaintiffs for the Vietnamese Agent-Orange legal case in the U. She employed a maid to clean her law office, which, as a law office, was off limits to police searches. In many instances, it was women who handled transport and logistics.

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Other women loaded rice into hanging baskets suspended from shoulder poles and pretended they were going to market, when in fact they were actually transporting drugs and grenades. At the same time as the war raged in the American-backed South, the U. This was dangerous work, for U. Their contribution is inadequately recognized. For two years, the half dozen Vietnamese and expatriate organizers, all women, met weekly over a homemade lunch.

Vietnamese do not talk about business over meals. Aligning with that custom, the lunches were forty-five minutes of raucous stories-on-the-fly with one purpose—fun. Everyone kept right on laughing while, in fifteen minutes, she divvied up tasks for the coming week.

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For the first time, after years of constraint caused by the vigorous U. They understood these concerns were human issues and not a negative reflection on their country. I can never forget the time I was transporting the corpse of a companion-in-arms from Laos across the Gianh River. A bomb hit my truck, hurling the corpse into the water. My sense of right and wrong as well as affection for this comrade prodded me so that, whatever the cost, I knew I had to retrieve his body.

I plunged into the river and, after many attempts at diving, at last retrieved the corpse and carried it up onto the road. If one of the vehicles had mechanical trouble, the driver stayed behind, alone with her truck, while the convoy moved on. At that time, I had no fear of bombs or shells and no fear of death. During U. For her, terror lurked elsewhere:.

We would be in surgery. The incision might be gaping when we would hear the loudspeakers announce approaching bombers. However, Dr. We would rotate assignments for night duty.

Tuyển Tập Ca Khúc Tân Cổ Giao Duyên THANH NGÂN Vol 1 Offline

Those patients were in agony. I will treat anyone in need. A patient is a patient, American, whoever. I could treat Americans with skill and gentleness. My hands knew what to do. So why was I terrified? The first-aid crews would arrive around AM, in the dead of the night, hoping none of our patients would see their American prisoners. I was terrified that just one soldier wild with pain would see an American POW and go crazy with rage.

I was fortunate. No patient noticed an American prisoner brought in during my watch, but Oh, oh! I did worry. American prisoners-of-war and Vietnamese political prisoners were always a major on-going issue, with profound effects on the lives of anyone involved, regardless of side, as Mme. In , after her release as a political prisoner, Mme. Because Mme.

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That assignment lasted through the signing of the Paris Agreement January 27, and until the American War ended. His decision was astute. The world was captivated; the world listened See Illus. This made it possible for Mme. Vietnamese women had a reputation for the intense concentration needed for this task. Most committee members left shortly thereafter to staff NLF offices in foreign capitals.

Source : Tom Gardner. Of course, as might be expected, week after week, the Thursday-morning regularly scheduled negotiations went nowhere. But each Thursday provided a chance for Mme.

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When the conference deadlocked, she and her team took to the road and to the air. They had no money, but they would go anywhere they were invited if the hosts provided tickets. But she concealed her own sorrow. Their baby, who was not yet two months old, was also taken to prison. Theirs was the pain of so many families during the Resistance.

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture also led by a southerner were the two key governmental branches for re-uniting the country, which war had divided for a generation. As Mme. Although the U.