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And again, in that role they are second to none. Sincerely Submitted, Zeke. I tried their pay service and was not happy. The level of service is poor for the fee they charge and my portfolio under performed the market significantly. After using them for a year I left and just took a simplistic investment approach of index funds. Yes I had the same problem.

I have done much better using my spreadsheets and DOS based Managing your money approach to get back to my Warren Buffet type returns. My experience is that they are extremely responsive to any time you log in to their system you will get a call the moment you log in when they are trying to sell you; however, when you do open an account and are provided access to two 2 advisors, they are still spending most of their time calling the Users who have not yet signed up for the service and are just using the software for free.

Have been using their actual services for nearly a year now. I am below combined returns over period of time, i. Absolutely nothing. When searching for reviews of PC, I mostly see reviews of the free software and not on the actual performance of the services provided for the higher fees. Discussion, yes, of what you get for a higher fee, but no actual reviews of the quality of the services.

During a booming market it is to be expected that your returns at PCwould be less than the SP index. The advantage of their recommended portfolios is the diversification into foreign stock and bonds, real estate and alternative investments. That type of diversified portfolio should perform better in a down market and immediately afterwards. They have all the bells and whistles of a robo-advisor — tax loss harvesting, event triggered rebalancing, etc. They also have an interesting equal-sector-weighting philosophy that does well in backtesting, although not so well in real life over the last 3 or 4 years.

In the run up to , being overweighted in the tech sector was great ….. I am looking for an alternative to Quicken. THIS is not an alternative. It is a sales programs for investment management. I use Quicken to balance my checkbook and would like to be able to do it on my phone as I go. The Quicken mobile app has terrible reviews, so I am stuck looking for an alternative. Everything I find is for investments, K, budgeting, etc. I am pleased to find these more candid comments about Personal Capital. I agree with the praise for the beautiful screens and the investment overview.

I was not pleased, to say the least, with the incessant phone calls pressuring me into subscribing for their premium service. Moreover, I was alarmed to learn that their sales agents had complete access to all details of the financial data that I had entered into PC. I have since closed my PC account and am sticking with Quicken, at least until I find a replacement that serves my needs. Otherwise, I only need to track accounts in one place. Personal Capital sucks. I used it for a few months and everything was fine when I had debt and not much money in my bank account.

When things turned around for me and I had money in my accounts I started getting all these emails from a financial advisor.

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I felt my privacy had been invaded. I deleted my account. Everyone likes Personal Capital — except me.

Quicken 2007 vs. Personal Capital

And they wanted me to move at least a quarter of my savings to PC so they could invest in individual stocks they thought worthy. No thanks!! I deleted my account to stop the annoying calls. So far so good. Beware, be very aware of the sales goals!! Much like Mint only better in a number of areas. But I was continually uncomfortable with the idea of allowing access to my login information.

The frequent hacking of reputable, well-known companies with longer histories than Personal Capital only exacerbates that discomfort. When you add in the nagging to become a premium member, to take calls with an advisor, to meet in person etc this became more trouble than it was worth. I like the platform, specifically the ability to have all accounts viewable in one place, but the tradeoffs were too high.

And even though I liked the program I finally made the move and canceled their free service. Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Email will not be published required. Personal Capital. Design Investment Tracking 9. Cash Flow Tracking 9. Retirement Planner 9. Pros Budgeting and investment management on one platform Free financial dashboard Investment tracking Socially responsible investing available.

Wealth Management Performance. It will also provide investment advice for accounts beyond your Personal Capital Wealth Management account. Financial Advisors: The Wealth Management service provides two financial advisors for each client, who can help you manage your entire financial life.

High fees: The fee of 0. But it does need to be pointed out that Personal Capital provides investment management services closer to traditional human investment managers, rather than robo advisors.

Money Management Apps as Mobile as You Are

Limited budgeting capabilities: The budgeting capabilities of the platform are much more limited than fully dedicated budgeting apps, like Mint, Quicken and YNAB. Answer: Personal Capital is a fiduciary. As such, they must act on behalf of your own personal interests. As well, there are no trading commissions, and no hidden fees of any kind.

The annual advisory fee is the only fee you will pay. Answer: Any accounts you link on the Financial Dashboard are included for free. The advisory fee applies only to the portion of your investments that are directly managed by Wealth Management. The Financial Dashboard can still be used to analyze your other accounts, and make recommendations.

Personal Capital Reviews [Best Money Management Apps] 💵

This includes any employer sponsored retirement plans you have. Answer: The Wealth Management service does use technology to manage your portfolio. That includes a large degree of automated investing, including periodic rebalancing. But Personal Capital departs from pure robo advisors in that they will customize your portfolio based on your own circumstances and preferences.

For example, you do complete a questionnaire when you sign up for the service, just as you would for a robo advisor. But your portfolio allocation will also be decided by input from your financial advisor, based on your personal interview. Answer: The higher fee with Personal Capital is due to a much higher service level.

Compare Personal Capital vs. Quicken: Which is Best for You? • Benzinga

This can include estate planning and help with other financial situations, such as a home purchase or buying the right amount of insurance. Take the Day Money Challenge Our Day Money Challenge will help you get out of debt, save more, and take back control of your life. Start the day money challenge! We hate spam as much as you do.

June 21, at am. To make sure we tested these programs for all manner of financial scenarios, we also looked at the tools for monitoring investments. Many of the programs at least give you an overview of your portfolios and track their performance. The more extensive personal finance programs allow you to compare your portfolio to the rest of the market.

If you have investments or need more complicated budgeting and accounting tools, a program you download may be your best choice. A budget can be as simple or complex as you need. You may want to simply track your total spending, or you may want to divide it into a range of categories. Some people like the envelope budgeting method, which allows you to set aside money each month for specific items or goals.

Mvelopes is a good program that utilizes this method. Many of the programs we tested integrate with your financial firm and can at least give you a top-level look at your portfolio. The best let you track your performance and compare your portfolio with the market. Most of the personal finance programs we reviewed cost money to download or sign up for, and a few have monthly subscriptions.

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  7. Mint : This is a free budgeting app developed by Intuit, the same company responsible for Quicken. Mint is free to download and use. Once you install it, you sync it to your bank and credit card accounts, and it pulls all that information into one main dashboard.