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Coradine LogTen Pro X (I'm sick of giving them money)

Thanks for the great App and cross device functionality! LogTen Pro is the tool of choice for tens of thousands of pilots in nearly countries, and every major airline. We design everything to be completely customizable for your type of flying, country, region or company so you can track exactly what you need.

It leverages the same core infrastructure as the Mac and iPhone versions of LogTen Pro to give you unmatched capabilities on the go, but thanks to the large screen and touch capabilities of the iPad, interacting with your logbook is a whole new experience.

Knowledge base

Your data is always visible, and with popovers and inline editing adding new flights is faster, and easier than ever before. Features: - Enter data quickly and intuitively - Simple configuration makes LogTen Pro simple for all types of pilots - you have access to all the power, but don't have to deal with anything that doesn't apply to you! Generate incredible reports from basic summaries to complete logbooks, then email PDFs or print right from your device!

LogTen Pro is available for all your Apple devices and is easily kept in sync through the cloud.. Quickly identify issues with rest, duty or flight duty period limits before they happen, including complex rest and duty regulations such as FAR in the USA.

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And for GA pilots, confirm you'll be current for that flight you're planning three weeks from now with a swipe. With LogTen Pro's powerful Smart Groups to filter your time however you want, you can track anything about your flying, from how much tailwheel time you have to when the last time Joe Smith was the relief pilot on your Dubai trip. Subscription Information: As part of our goal to help more pilots succeed, we offer the LogTen Pro service completely free until you have logged more than hours of total time!

This means most pilots don't need a subscription until they're well on their way to a commercial pilot's license. An annual, or monthly subscription to the LogTen Pro Service provides access to Coradine's professional system for managing all your flights, duties, and certificates, the ability to add unlimited new entries, and effortlessly sync your logbook between all your devices.

You always get updates, and you always get full access to your data, where you can view, edit, generate reports, export, and print.

Price may vary by location see pricing under Top in App Purchases, or right in the App in the Store section of Settings. Full details are available here. You can download the app in the App Store. Well, this — unfortunately is not e real backup solution. For years not much progress has happened to the app. Personally I have no longer had sync problems, although it is often extremely slow to sync over iCloud.

It sometimes takes up to half an hour to get everything synchronized.

Coradine LogTen Pro X (I'm sick of giving them money)

It could be rel Also I have been having problems of duplicate and triplicate fields like IFR time. Setting auto enter times to IFR then only works if the "correct" duplicate entry is switched on.

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Doing this could fix the sync problems, but I had to send my complete database to Coradine to get it fixed. But so far they have not included this feature. I hope that Coradine is not slowing development and improvement, and cutting costs on support just because everyone is now tied in via the subscription model.

Release Notes

I just sent this message to Coradine: Me and many others are experiencing frequent iCloud sync problems in LogTen Pro X amongst different devices. I realise it could be due to issues with iCloud Sync itself but it is frustrating nevertheless. Often the solutions offered in your support database are not leading to successful sync.

So I would like to suggest to incorporate in-app a better feedback on what iCloud sync is doing, with At least that way we know which device is acting up and wether syncing is actually happening.

How I use CrewConnect with LogTen Pro X – Captain Ong

Of course that doesn't take away the necessity to create a more robust syncing solution, wether it is Apple who has to work on that or Coradine. LogTen Pro X worked well for almost a week, now the sync problems have returned, and none of the "Troubleshooting iCloud Sync" tips from Coradine seem to be working :. Refund requests for those who recently purchased LogTen Pro Universal: For a refund, you have to open iTunes and go to your account by clicking on your account name in the top right.

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  • Pilots using LogTen Pro saved over 1,000,000 sheets of paper last year...;

Then click on the arrow left of the purchase. In the list that follows, click on "Report a Problem". There, give a short but clear explanation of why you request a refund. It helps if you can copy in a reply from Coradine, supporting your refund request, like I did. Now my LogTen Pro X finally works perfectly, I decided to move the files to Dropbox, so I will always have a backup in case my Mac decides to quit on me. Logbook synchronisation 2: my iPhone wasn't syncing with my Mac.

Tom from Coradine support told me to reset my iPhone, holding the home and power button until it resets.